Zero B Water Softeners take care of hard water problems

zero b water softenersHard water affects us all in various ways. Not only does it takes away the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables when they are washed and cooked, hard water also reduce the lifespan of your expensive appliances like geysers, washing machine, etc. Moreover, hard water increases the consumption of gas, increasing your bills manifold.

The primary function of water softener is to condition the incoming hard water to a softer form which improves experience in bathing, washing, laundering and eliminates the scum formation and scaling effects of hard water on appliances and bathroom accessories.

Ion Exchange has now introduced the Zero B Auto Soft water softener. That has an automatic softener valve, a special softener resin, a media holding vessel and a salt holding tank are the key components of the softener. Another aspect of the Zero B Auto soft is that, while installing and using, the automatic softener equipment complements well with the existing plumbing and electrical setup of the user. Last but not the least, a robust and reliable automatic valve and a proprietary tamper proof softening media delivers soft and safe conditioned water.

Zero Auto Soft contains proprietary food grade Zero B Purple Soft resin which has unique purple colour to prevent entry of spurious and harmful replacement media whenever it is replaced after its life cycle.

Zero B Auto Soft gives the softest form of water, reduces hair loss and stops skin ailments. Increase the life span of expensive bathroom and kitchen appliances. Reduces plumbing problems with scale deposition on bathroom fittings. Makes utensils retain their shine for a longer span of time (Depending on hardness of water with high TDS level). Prevents fabrics from losing their natural look and feel, enhances the taste of food and beverages.

The Zero B Softeners can be used in water treatment in housing societies, hotels, shopping malls, and corporate parks, water treatment for laundries in hotels and hospitals, pre treatment for Reverse osmosis plants and water treatment for boiler feed and cooling towers.

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