What are majority Indian serials made of?

Most Indian sitcoms and sasurals have a similar pattern. Even if they have different background stories, some of these stereotypical things have to be in their places for it to become a successful Indian serial. Subconsciously, at the back of every serial producer’s mind, there is a handbook of making it successful. Here are basic key elements from such an imaginary handbook:

  • Sasural is an evil queen-dom.
  • The Bahu in her sasural is a damsel in distress, self-sacrificing woman who invites disasters (she later on matures into a righteous woman in most of the cases).
  • Slaps are part of a daily routine.
  • A slap has to be repeated thrice for dramatic emphasis in every sasural(followed by a reaction of the person that is the focus for next 10 minutes).
  • There have to be conspiracies of a household nature. For instance, spoiling the cooking of the overtly good bahu.
  • The husband or the other men in the sasural have to only act frustrated. That’s all.
  • Love is a forbidden matter. Any member who dares to love beyond the family’s wishes is disowned.
  • However, extra marital affairs are an in thing (or even having feelings for an ex).
  • Every family has a similar constitution of conservative values. A girl has to cook and dress properly and boy has to earn money (and have affairs, behave rudely to his wife and have occasional romantic moments with her).
  • Serials do not run in seasons, but they run in generations. (You skip a few weeks and you come to know that some kids have grown up and are about to have kids).
  • Some characters are allowed to live for more than two-three centuries (remember baa from Kyonki saans bhi kabhi bahut thi? She never died. And had seen her grandson’s grandsons I think).
  • The women have to put make up and go to sleep. The vamp gets to put-on extra make up.

Indian television scenario lacks good content. Those Hum Paanch and Office Office days should come back, don’t you feel?


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