Vidya Balan is hooked to drama on ZINDAGI

When you think of Vidya Balan, you think of great stories. Proudly so, Vidya herself is one talented actress who believes in quality scripts and great performances. She does not settle for anything ordinary. No wonder her choices define her taste.

Recently Vidya Balan took to twitter to praise some of the shows being aired on Zindagi. She posted: “I am liking my new habit of watching Zindagi channel in the mornings after my night shoots… ‘Kankar’ is ace. I am hooked to ‘Kankar’, ‘Mere Harjai’ and ‘Ek Mohabbat Ke Baad’…The writing, production values, make-up and performances are just par excellence.”

She also lauded the work of female actors for adding “grace” with a “realistic” touch to their performances. Vidya, busy with “TE3N” and “Kahaani 2”, also added, “So nice to see good quality television! I particularly like the female actors…so beautiful and graceful…and their portrayals are extremely realistic.”

Zindagi, is the No. 1 Premium Entertainment Channel that entertains audiences with superlative content. Zindagi has wowed its audiences with real- life stories on relationship and family penned by renowned authors and poets. It airs shows from countries that has a cultural affinity with India.  Zindagi shows have brought a lease of fresh air to the television scene in India. And, Actress Vidya Balan’s confession just adds to its growing audiences  who can’t get enough of these serials and is extremely impressed with their storytelling and performances.

Tune into Zindagi for some more shows that are rich in content.

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