My ultimate aim in life is to be happy: Khushboo Grewal

Khushboo Grewal, who within a short span of time, has donned many hats–that of a singer, actress and VJ.
How would you best describe yourself?—as a singer, performer, VJ or actress?
Khushboo Grewal: I think I would best describe myself as a performer. The stage just brings me alive completely. It is a different high to be in front of a live audience, interact with them and see their response on the spot to my voice and performance. Just being able to make people laugh and dance has a real feel good factor. It’s a unique thing to be able to make people forget all their problems and just enjoy the moment. It’s a privilege for me that I can actually share these experiences with a huge audience.

Tell us something about yourself ? What did you want to pursue as a career originally? Did you always want to be an actor / singer / VJ and performer ?
Khushboo Grewal: I come from a family of doctors and we were never exposed to Bollywood or any performing arts. Like all girls growing up, I enjoyed singing, dancing and modelling in front of the mirror with my mom’s dupatta but I never thought I would be doing any of these things professionally. It was only in school when I started doing stage performances, theatre and then hosting shows for fun in college, that I realised this really gives me a kick and I would like to pursue it. And thanks to the support of my parents initially and then my husband – Bipin, I ended up making a career in this field.

How do you manage to pursue multiple facets / careers such as the aforementioned?
Khushboo Grewal: Honestly, if you ask me they are all kind of interrelated. Even when I was acting there were sequences where we had to dance or had to go on stage and do a number to promote the movie. Also, when you are singing you are constantly emoting and that is acting in a way. So, all the arts are all intertwined and are merely extensions of one another.

When you’re not acting, performing or singing, what would you be most likely doing?What are your hobbies?
Khushboo Grewal: I think if I was not an actor or a singer, I would probably be an event or wedding planner. Because I love to organise parties and be on the creative side of things.

Who inspired or motivated you to take up singing and acting? What do you enjoy doing the most— acting, VJing, singing or performing?
Khushboo Grewal: I think I have always leaned towards being artistic. But growing up one of the first few people, I saw singing and dancing was my sister – Mamta. She was my biggest role model and still is. I used to completely idolise her when I was little. I used to always follow her and try to emulate her.  She played a big part of me becoming the performer I am today.

Tell us about your future projects.
Khushboo Grewal: Well currently I am working on my independent single and hopefully it should be something very different from what you have heard from me so far. Other than that there are a couple of songs for Bollywood which I can’t talk about now but I am quiet excited. Am also doing shows in various parts of the world. One of the best parts of being a singer is getting to meet new people, entertain them, seeing them enjoy themselves and getting to travel the world.

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