‘Safe Mother, Safe Baby’ commitment

A stitch in time saves nine. Good care starts from the time couples plan a pregnancy or with the “good news” of a pregnancy. Regular and comprehensive antenatal care, with checkup, tests, nutrition and ultra sound examination for anomalies, fetal Doppler flow studies, to detect high risk conditions, management of the high risk pregnancy, proper monitoring during the time close to delivery and timely intervention in case of any anticipated problems followed by  post pregnancy care and follow up post natal care. This triad of ante natal,( before delivery)  intra natal ( during the delivery ) and post natal (after delivery) care, must all be addressed in a comprehensive manner.

“A high maternal mortality is attributed to lack of health care services in rural and remote areas. But delay and unavailability in medical care even  in poor urban areas  contributes a lot to these high mortality figures. There are many such near miss mortalities in urban sector because of lack of proper ICU care to these mothers”, explains Dr Amita Phadnis, HOD – Pediatrics & Neonatology, and CMD, Oyster & Pearl Hospitals, Pune.

There is a growing need of maternal ICU care which are different set ups than routine ICUs and need expertise in this field. Hence Oyster & Pearls Hospital has launched a dedicated Obstetrics ICU – a concept of maternity ICU which can take care of all such high risk pregnancies and patients with post delivery complications needing ICU care.

“Proper ICU care will not only save many mothers’ life but also will treat many in time to save the baby’s life and contribute to reduction in India’s neonatal mortality rate too.

What makes a pregnancy high risk? Many conditions such as advanced maternal age (over 35 years), diabetes during pregnancy, pregnancy induced high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia, HIV infections, being over-weight or under-weight, etc.”Also, poor obstetric history, medical conditions in the mother like asthma, heart diseases, autoimmune diseases, cancer, blood disorders, may result in high risk pregnancy”, Post partum hemorrhage,(PPH), embolism, DIC are some of the problems which occur post delivery, elaborates Dr. Amita Phadnis.

Social Factors related to maternal mortality are lack of institutional delivery, referral centers not in easy reach – geographical factors, lack of trained doctors / staff in rural areas and non-availability of blood banks –blood products – in ‘Golden time’.

The obstetrician is the team later in the maternity ICU ably supported by anaesthetists, surgeons, physicians and intensivists, with experience in pregnancy related care. The team effort helps  to maintain high standards in maternity ICU care and each of these pillars is equally important. “Oyster & Pearl is proud to have all these facilities under one roof and is very well equipped to handle any level of emergency and critical obstetric care needed,” adds Dr. Amita Phadnis.

With a strong background in charitable work in the women’s health sector,  ‘Harmony Medical Trust’, is a platform created to assist in delivering healthcare to the needy. If you feel strongly and would like to help a patient with pregnancy related problems or needing Obstetric ICU care, a premature baby or a sick newborn in the NICU, do let us know.

For more details visit website@onphopsital.org



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