Regional specialities at your doorstep: HausKhaas

hauskhaasHausKhaas aims at redefining mealtimes at home. With HausKhaas you can now reach out to many home chefs and order fresh, curated homemade meals or individual dishes that will be delivered to you at your doorstep with a click of a button.

It was sheer love and passion for good food that triggered the launch of HausKhaas. The team at HausKhaas is small in number, however their strength does not deter them from bringing out the best for Pune.

One can search and curate home chefs, who make regional specialities that are not easily available in restaurants or homes. The team explains, “Once we locate such Home chefs we work with them to curate a dinner menu that is complete and can be easily delivered at home. The idea is to allow people to get fresh home cooked food delivered to them at their homes. The main differentiation being the food is not boring. It is exotic, different and one-of-a-kind. – Example phasachi biryani, burmese khowsuey, mangloerian curry with appams etc..”

hauskhaasThey also have an a-la-carte menu that allows people to pick and choose various dishes and build their menu around them. So as an example you can order Hungarian goulash or Kerala stew and make the rice or herbed noodles at home. Or just order a delectable dessert such as a tiramisu or Pavlova or puran poli to complement the food you are cooking at home.

The USP of HausKhaas is that is brings one-of-a-kind dishes to foodies – dishes that you would normally not find on most of the restaurant menus. Additionally, the food is made in clean a hygienic kitchens like yours and mine.

You can go online at and place an order. You can download the application on your android phone from google apps and order.

Alternatively you can call 9168625782 incase you have trouble getting online



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