Regional musicians have come with variety: Shankar Mahadevan

All musicians try to work in a creative way. Some of them become successful while some do not. However, the regional music in India is more creative in a sense because the Bollywood music is under the pressure of commercial success, said opined the ace singer and music director Shankar Mahadevan.

perfect-strokes-vishal-and-shankar-3In Pune for the Royal Stag Perfect Strokes program, Shankar Mahadevan interacted with the media and explained the secrets of his success. He was joined by another music director and critically acclaimed movie director Vishal Bharadwaj who also narrated his journey in the music world.

Speaking of the music, Shankar Mahadevan said, “Any musician who works with integrity and passion is creative. However, much depends on the response from the audience. Just because a song gets more views on YouTube does not mean that it is great and vice versa, but the industry goes by that standard. The recent movies like Mirizya and Rock On 2, of which I was a part of, are the example of new experiments in the music. However, it is a fact that the regional musicians have come with a lot more variety.”

Shankar Mahadevan was all praise for the Marathi and Malayalam movies for having a strong classical flavor. “The movies like Katyar Kaljat Ghusali have incorporated almost an entire spectrum of music from classical to quawali. Even we were apprehensive of whether the listeners would accept them, but they accepted it and accepted with elan. The success of Sairat also serves to prove this point,” said the singer who has sung a bhangra song in Tamil for Rajinikanth.

He pointed out his experience to draw his point. “When I sang the song Breathless, which became a pathbreaking work, the producers were unwilling to make its music video. Their question was, who would act in it? This was because nobody thought it would win the hearts of the music lovers.

perfect-strokes-vishal-and-shankar-4Bharadwaj said that every musician has a different process and common process also. “A musician follows the vision of the director. A director has a dream. You have to go along the character and the texture of the movie. Sometimes it is rewarding while sometimes it is frustrating.”

Bhardwaj was also forthcoming in welcoming the new generation with the new lot of young directors in the field. He said, “Young generation always brings a vision with it. Cinema is a reflection of our times and these youngsters express their angsts and passion with their work.”