Rajkumar Hirani: ‘I Want to Steal Boman’s Sex Appeal’

Director-actor duo and best friends Boman Irani and Rajkumar Hirani spill the beans on each other on ZEE TVs Yaaron Ki Baraat

Get ready for a double dose of dosti and entertainment, as the kings of entertainment and best buddies Boman Irani and Rajkumar Hirani take the hot seat and bring the house down with hosts Sajid Khan and Riteish Deshmukh on Vivo Camera and Music presents Yaaron Ki Baraat co-powered by Amazon.in and Brooke Bond Red Label. The show is about testing celebrity friendships through a series of fun games, tasks, challenges and the director-actor duo who have been friends for over a decade now, will speak of how they met, hit it off and divulge secrets that will let audiences get to know them even better!

There were ripples of laughter, masti, mimicry and leg-pulling galore when the witty Boman and the otherwise shy Rajkumar Hirani came together on Yaaron Ki Baraat. Recounting their initial brushes with each other, Raju said that Boman used to be one of the most expensive models for commercial films and as an ad film maker, he could never afford Boman. In a quick retort, Boman quipped, “It was not about the money. It was more like – who wants to work with this director??” Boman added, “When he wouldn’t manage to get me in one of his ads, he’d cast himself in the role – so you can well imagine how terrible his ads were!” Laughing off Boman’s jibes at him, Raju Hirani shared that he first noticed Boman in the play ‘I’m not Bajirao’. Though he was impressed with his acting abilities, Hirani thought he was too young for the part in Munnabhai MBBS that Vidhu Vinod (Chopra) had already signed him for. On the other hand, Boman shared that when Vidhu Vinod Chopra told him about a movie by the name of Munnabhai MBBS directed by someone called ‘Raju’, he wasn’t too excited and wanted to even return the singing amount. It was only when he went down to meet Raju in his office that he knew that irrespective of whether he did the film, he would want him as a friend for life!

It’s been over ten years and the two have remained thick ever since, where Boman has gone on to play iconic roles in all Raju Hirani directorial ventures. Speaking about their camaraderie and bonding, Boman joked, ‘I have taken more holidays with him than with my wife Manjeet’. On being questioned by the hosts about each other’s annoying habits, Raju immediately replied that Boman takes too long to exit from airports as he keep clicking selfies with every fan and it’s a pain to travel with him. To which Boman replied, ‘I feel blessed that I get so much love and I am genuinely fond of people. I had only heard about stars getting so much affection but now when I get to experience it, I want to cherish it. All along, celebrities during their struggling days crave for attention and recognition, so I didn’t understand the reason why one should dodge it when you start getting it.’

A common link between the two best friends is another veteran filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra, the producer of Boman’s first hindi commercial film and Hirani’s directorial debut. So a question on him was well expected but knowing hosts Sajid and Riteish, a twist in it was also a given. Riteish went on to ask Boman if both Raj Kumar and Vidhu Vinod approached him for a film which was being shot at the same time, whose film would he choose?? While the audience cheered and anticipated a spicy reply, the actor after a long pause turned and said ‘tum haramkhor ho!’, leaving the studio audience and hosts in splits. Before Boman could reply, Hirani said that he will shift the dates of his film as Vidhu is important to both of them. However, Boman finally replied saying he will do day shifts with Vidhu and nights with Boman!

During the fun chatter, Raj Kumar Hirani revealed that he would like to steal Boman’s sex appeal. The actor who has just turned a grandfather still has a large female fan following and even had a bunch of parsi women come up and waltz with him on stage. While Boman shared that he would want to steal Raj Kumar’s dedication and humility and called him one of the most sincere and hardworking directors in the industry who only works with the sole aim of entertaining audiences and not to clock box office numbers.

For all this and more tune into Vivo Smartphone presents Yaaron Ki Baraat co-powered by Amazon.in and Brooke Bond Red Label, on Saturday, 26th November at 8 PM, only on ZEE TV!

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