Pune, pehchan kaun?

Multifaceted Navin Prabhakar will entertain Pune at Inorbit Mall on Sunday, October 18

He is someone who needs no introduction. An actor-singer-comedian and artiste Navin Prabhakar has been tickling our funny bone for over a decade. This talented persona is best known for his Mumbai bar girl Julie act. Originally from Mumbai, Puneites can now proudly call him one of their own. Navin recently bought a property in Hinjewadi and comes down often. He confirms that in the past one year he has done over 70 shows in the city.

Understanding Pune’s pulse
This weekend he is coming back to the city at Inorbit Mall. What brings him here so often? “Pune has always been very vibrant. It has become a huge industry for events and shows. I even bought a place here because I come down so often. The city has been long known for its education and the youth is my target audience. I manage to pull a crowd of 25,000 in one show. That is because I have understood the pulse of the city. The audience enjoys it when you speak in their slang. And, it is widely said, if you manage to please an audience in Pune, then you can make it through anywhere else. Well, I have managed that,” smiles Navin, who will be seen playing a negative character in Tezaab 2.

If you manage to please an audience in Pune, then you can make it through anywhere else.

Navin believes in updating his content for every show. The latest topic that has been a part of his work is Indrani Mukherjea. “We are living in a society where we are stressed and overpowered with emotions. I attempt to cater laughter through my work. At the same time, I intend to create awareness about certain issues. But all this is done in a lighter vein. I am here to entertain not to preach. My weapon is laughter and satire,” he adds.

Comedy is a serious business
Naveen loves his work which includes travelling abroad too. He proudly boasts of having nine passports filled with his travels. But he immediately points out that comedy today is a serious business which needs to be catered with care. “It hurts me that people are paying to laugh. I find it funny too at times. It is my forte so I am happy to be spreading laughter. But, people should find happiness within themselves. Look at how social media has dictated our lives. We are becoming slaves too it. I request people to refrain from falling in this trap. Don’t let it poison your minds,” says Navin.

It hurts me that people are paying to laugh. I find it funny too at times.

He was one of the first stand-up comedians to take television by storm. Ask him about the current scene of comedy shows, “Today, comedians are all about gags and branding. Television just needs software. If they continue to do so, talent will reduce and there will be a full stop. I believe in comma and inverted comma. You have to keep improvising and learning. Why do you think crime related shows are popular? It is because people are sad and frustrated. We need to make them happy through awareness. This is why new talent should be given a platform.”

Julie has been an Oscar award
“In these 10 years I have made so many variations with Julie. The best part is when people come backstage and appreciate the character. Julie has been an Oscar for me. This is why I enjoy live performances the most. I get to see instant reactions from my audience. The thrill of having a crowd clap and laugh at your joke is amazing. This energetic vibe from them keeps me going. Your talent is put through a test at such times.”

(The event is organised by Inorbit Mall and artist management by 4 Entertainments)

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