Pankaj Kapur- Sanah Kapur share a special bond

A father- daughter relationship is very unique and special. For a father, his daughter is always her little princess whom he loves and cares no matter how old she gets. The same goes to with Sanah Kapur and her daddy dearest Pankaj Kapur.

Veteran actor  Pankaj Kapur, who is portraying the role of  Sanah and Alia’s possessive father in reel life in Shandaar has the same traits in real life too!

An insider informs that as soon as Pankaj Kapur came to know about his daughter’s debut in Shaandaar, he was thrilled yet skeptical at the same time. It is known that during the shoots Pankaj Kapur used to be quite concerned about Sanah’s surroundings but at the same time he gave Sanah the space to be herself. The protective father also used to be a supportive one by complementing Sanah when she enacted a scene well.

A source close to Sanah revealed that whenever Pankaj Kapur enacted any emotional role with Alia, Sanah would come to him after the scene and adorably say “Nice shot dad, but you are just my daddy”!

When asked Sanah about this scenario, she replied, “Yes, dad and mom both are possessive about me and so I am I for them. Though they were very happy that I achieved my dream of entering Bollywood on my own feet, there was still a bit concern and caring. There is a lot of pressure and nervousness since I belong to a family of great and renowned actors and have to live up to it.  I hope I have lived up to everyone’s expectations and really looking forward for it.”

We all look forward to see Gulabo a.k.a Sanah Kapur steal our hearts on October 22 on big screen! You go girl!

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