When ‘Paas Aao’ got an electronic and contemporary spin

Giving the classic ‘Paas Aao’  ad- jingle a modern-day twist, husband-wife duo, Ram Sampath and Sona Mohapatra speak to desijam.in about it in detail and hint at a unique album in the making that is set to release in January 2017

They are Bollywood’s musical couple, who have together given us some soul-rending hits like Ambarsariya, Bedardi Raja, or Satyamev Jayate’s popular song Bekhauff. And in their journey to make it big in the music industry, they have also collaborated in composing and singing some famous advertisement jingles, such as ‘Paas Aao.’ Yes, indeed we are talking about none other than the husband-wife duo, Ram Sampath and Sona Mohapatra, and lately they are in news for giving this well known advertisement jingle, a brand new and contemporary feel.

Talking about the composition, Mohapatra says, ” We’ve given our beloved track a 2016 update and infused it with EDM influences without losing the soul of the original track which was created in Omgrown Music over eight years ago. ” What many are unaware of is that Sampath composed the song in 2008 and also wrote its hook with additional lyrics by the duo’s long term collaborator and wordsmith Munna Dhiman. Mohapatra sang and produced it and the rest is history as they say. “The campaign has traveled across the globe with this song in many different languages and I have sung it across many genre versions, pop, rock, ballad and now it’s in a new age electronic dance version. I also perform this song with my band to cheering sing-alongs in venues as varied as corporate ball rooms to stadiums both in India and abroad,” says the talented singer.

The song is timeless and has garnered an iconic status over the years. The beautiful visuals of the Close Up campaign starting from a couple blowing bubbles in a Thai ‘old world’ gorgeous marketplace in 2009 to a couple performing a choreographed dance currently have only added to its memorability over the years and given it wings to fly.

The duo is also currently working on an album that they claim will be first of its kind in the world. “That’s all that we can say at the moment. It is likely to release in January.  Otherwise, there are the usual film releases in the pipeline and the concert season that will start from the month of September, which I’m really looking forward to,” she says.

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