Outfit woes for coach Neeti Mohan

Shoot going on a standstill due to technical glitches, actors’ ego clashes, locations issues etc. is very common in the entertainment industry. Recently, during the shoot of The Voice season 2 the crew faced some difficulties in sourcing the perfect outfit for Coach Neeti. In midst of finding the perfect dress there was a delay in the shoot schedule.

Looking perfect with the best outfits is important for any actor who appears on the screen. A source from the sets reveals, “Neeti is particular about her outfits and plans them well in advance. Unfortunately there was a delay with the fittings of the dress due to which we faced some delay in the shoot and had to make the other coaches wait. Luckily, all the 4 coaches have a great understanding hence we did not face any tantrums from anyone and completed the later shoot smoothly.”

Well, we must say everything has a solution but one must be patient enough to solve it!

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