New tex mex at Chilis

chili's tex mex (1)A table close to the window, watching the rains is such a wonderful feeling… and if you are served comfort food that your heart craves for, then nothing beats a visit to Chilis American Grill & Bar.

This American casual dining restaurant has introduced an all new menu which offers fresh spins on American favourites from the south-west.

So, while you watch the raindrops falling on the window sill, its best to be enjoy the Fresh Mex selection – predominantly Mexican recipes and enjoy a Guacamole, freshly prepared right on your table with delicately   scooped avocadoes and ingredients customised to your palate, served with warm and crunchy tostada chips and house made salsa.

While you munch on the tostadas, a bowl of Fresh Mex urges to try the beautifully blended, vibrant pico de gallo, margarita or chipotle sauce and rice. We tried the Chicken but the Cottage Cheese is an option for the veg lovers.

chili's tex mex (1)While you eat, how about quenching the thirst with fresh and summery Margaritas and cocktails. The new entrants in their signature Margaritas like theWatermelon Margarita, Hawaiian Margarita, World’s Freshest Margarita and the Corona Rita, along with additions in refreshing cocktails like the Long Island Mango Tea, Long Island Strawberry Tea, Sweet and Spicy Peach Cooler, Michelada and the Island Punch Splash among others. Not just these! The menu also has the inclusion of Infused Margarita for the first time to bring in freshness and hand crafted quality to the Chili’s bar as well. The Margarita is made with Blueberries and pineapple slices infused in Tequila for 48hours.

Satiated? Not before you try the juicest burgers , craft Burgers with choice of four patties- Buffalo Meat, Lamb, Chicken and Southwestern Veggies. Order the all-time favorites like the Classic Bacon Burger, Oldtimer or the Guacamole Burger or try the new selection including Southern Smokehouse Burger or the Sweet and Smoky Burger.

For those who keep a count on their calories, Chili’s has lighter option menus which has dishes below 650 Calories.
The ambience of the place with some foot tapping music, flavours and fusion of tastes makes Chillis appealing especially the big portions that are value for money.

Happy hours – 12.00 pm to 8 pm during weekend
4pm to 8 pm on weekdays.
The kids menu is complimentary with an adult meal so make the best of your weekend.

(Review by Prachi Bari)

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