NCORD Health Card LLP launches more benefits

NCORD Health Card LLP, a Pune based firm launches India’s first e-health card based on cloud technology last year. After a successful year of business operations, Ncord has decided to expand its operations in seven cities of various states of India with a goal of providing better health security and medical treatments during emergency situations. The seven cities where we are planning to expand are Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Ncord E health card was gifted to Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnvis by the NCORD E-health team. On this occasion Chief Minister Devendra Fadnvis said We will try to coordinate with Health Minister to create more awareness about E-Health Card.

Nilesh Kandalgaonkar (Executive Director, Ncord health card LLP) said,” The Ncord e- health card digitally stores and secures all your medical records and makes them available where ever, and whenever you need it. This results in better care, and timely emergency interventions for the concerned persons.”

He informed that e- health card has tie up with SRL owned centers which has promised to provide 20% discount for Pathology check-ups and 10% for Non pathological tests. It will also make it possible to take a second opinion for any illness, from a doctor in US or any other country. It will even be beneficial for the schools and colleges to maintain the medical record of their students on the regular basis after the check-up. The card includes an accidental insurance of 4 Lakhs. He also mentioned that through this unique concept an effort is being made to connect nearly 8500 blood banks on one platform making it convenient for the people as and when there is need for the blood of various blood groups.

Deepak Shikarpur (Expert, Information and Technology and chief mentor e- health card), in his address put light on features of smart health with e – health card and its significance for the patient and healthcare industry. Healthcare facilities are transitioning towards adoption of electronic health and medical record system.

Veeru Swami (Head channel marketing) said “that for the e- health card to reach all people we have identified 20 sectors and will be focusing on them to reach persons from all sectors so that they can be benefited from it”.

Benefits of NCORD’s e-Health Card for users, doctors and health care professionals are as follows:

  • e-Health Card reduces the time required to maintain & keep track of medical records
  • Provide 3600 connectivity with all healthcare sectors
  • Availability of medical data instantly during emergencies
  • Easy to upload & store all medical data
  • Insurance data can also be uploaded
  • 24 X 7 integrated accessibility across the globe
  • Tremendous reduction of time for physician’s diagnosis and analysis
  • Avoids unnecessary, voluminous paperwork and other administrative overhead
  • Facility of e Prescription
  • Book & manage online appointments
  • Reduce paperwork involved in prescriptions & administrative activities
  • Back-up support for all reports
  • Prolonged medical cases can be tracked and checked
  • Improves patients and providers interaction with effective communication
  • mHealth mobile app for instant access

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