My music is the expression of my soul: Edward Maya

edward-maya-4“Electronic dance music makes people express themselves and all you see is happiness and feeling one with music,” explains Romanian DJ, musician, producer, performer, and composer Edward Maya. One of the most multi-dimensional artists, he became a sensation with his very first release Stereo Love that peaked the European Billboard at No. 2 after ruling the Romanian charts. Maya is enchantment, learning and magic, that’s what India has given him. Edward changed his name from Eduard Marian to Edward Maya for Maya facinated him.Authentic Indian traditions are still reflected in the people of India.

edward-maya-1“India has a very spiritual background which is unique in the world and it beckons me to come here often and ofcourse my fans too. Each concert here is a true spiritual journey of the heart. All my experiences in India are special. ”His music has people in a trance and he says, “My music is the expression of my soul , encrypted in music reaching out to people in the world,It is the kind that when you listen to it, you go through a state of euphoric expansion, from finite to the infinite. It is a music that helps you to be yourself, awakens your courage to dream and become what you aspire.” This yoga lover and a follower of Nithyanand Swami feels that his music is to bring out the positive vibes. I don’t dance, I don’t go out but I find that creating music is for me like enjoying every moment of my life. When he is performing he would like to find time to visit each and every sacred temple in India but as he adds, my schedule is always tight and one day he would visit all the temples which he feels have a kind of spiritual warmth. dward also loves India for its weather. “It’s snowing in my country and the sun and the scenery is very beautiful,” says the DJ who appreciates Indian artistes.

(Story by Prachi Bari)
(Images by M.Fahim. Images are subject to copyright)