My mom is the happiest person that I know: Blake Lively

From the television series Gossip Girls to movies to marriage and to motherhood Blake Lively has had an interesting ride so far and top it off she was offered a part in a Woody Allen film. Something she thought would never come her way, “ I never thought that I fitted into his world.”

What was your audition like?
Blake Lively: Woody was in a room with two other people, we just spoke in general, I wasn’t given any character Café to do the film my first reaction was shock. Woody Allen’s films have a refined cadence and are very specific in their writing.

Café Society is unique…
Blake Lively: Well, I don’t know that much about Café Society. I know the more current version, I portrayed a much more different Upper East Side Café Society, which is very different, but equally elegant and it’s a lot more scandalous. But what I think is neat working on a Woody Allen film is the authenticity so often when you are on a set, the sound guy will play something like a Britney Spears song and say, it’s this level, talk louder. But you are there on a Woody Allen film, and he has a band that only plays 1930s music (The period in which the film takes place) and there are people with Clarinets, trumpets and cellos and it’s amazing because you are sitting there and you are watching such artistry from everyone. And our costume designer Suzy Benzinger who found vintage Schiaparelli gowns that the extras are wearing. There is so much authenticity throughout, even in the way that the room was lit. I was working with theater actors and musicians and people who are true to their craft and have done it for 50 years, so you really got to experience what New York was like in the 30s, Even the girl who sings in the movie is a true cabaret singer from New York City. So you get your own little piece of Café Society.

I notice that you are wearing high heels, I see a lot of pregnant woman doing that of late.
Blake Lively: Well, I doing a lot of interviews, this is not real life I am having a conversation with pink coconut water. I wear high heels when I walk in and out of somewhere I need to look fancy for the photographers and then I put on my comfy shoes or just go barefoot. I don’t think that high heels are advised for pregnant woman or not pregnant woman and they are really bad on your back, but boy do they look pretty.

It has been said that a child changes the dynamics of the relationship, sometimes for the worse?
Blake Lively: I believe it is all a matter of the choices that you make, so you can let your life be greatly affected by having a child and allow that to create a divide or you can allow that to bring you closer together. And you see different people react differently. But my family members, whether it be my daughter or my husband, my mom, my cousins, they are all my best friends, so it’s just another friend in the group.

You seem to be someone who has it all. So this must be the happiest time in your life?
Blake Lively: My mom is the happiest person that I know. And then you hear her story and what she actually faced. I have never faced anything like that in my life. But every single day she chooses to be happy and be grateful, so for me, my whole life, I mean , I live a very fortunate existence. My mom and dad helped me they earned it for me with their struggle. There are challenges in life that I go through. But you meet people who are just as fortunate or even more so, and they get knocked down by things. I am very lucky to be raised the way that I was.

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