A workshop on Digital Embroidery was conducted at the INIFD Deccan Pune campus hosted by Head of Department of Fashion Design Shamika Pradhan, Senior Faculties Rupali Dhore, Shital Nile, Geetika Awasthi, Vrushali Kadam and Gunja Bhawnani. Fashion Design faculty Mr.Atul Bankar gave a brief introduction on Digital Embroidery and explained about its use for mass production to over 100 students who participated in the workshop.

Digitizing is the process of converting the artwork design into a digital embroidery pattern that can be read by the embroidering machines. Digitizing is both a technical and a creative process. While the designers may begin with a scan or a graphic file, they have to tell the embroidery machine where to put each stitch, and what order to sew the design- including where to stop, trim the threads, and switch to a different color.

The response for the workshop by the students of INIFD Deccan proved that the students of the Institute are more than ready to grab all the opportunities that come along the way.

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