It’s important to me to be able to exhibit: Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto attended Grand-Central Catholic High School in 1995 and won the Gene Kelly Award for his performance in The Pirates of Panzance, he then enrolled in The Carnegie Mellon University School of drama.
“I have a strong desire to do theatre again as soon as it is humanly possible, It’s how I forged a relationship with the craft of acting and it’s something that is always going to be where my heart is—on stage. I don’t have a particular affinity for musical theatre as I do for plays, but that’s not to say that I wouldn’t visit it again some day as I get older I’d like to do Sweeny Todd.”Zachary Quinto is some what of a chameleon when it comes to acting, he started his professional career in television doing guest appearances in various series. In 2006 he enacted the role of Sasan an Iranian American in the TV show “24” , he then played a gay character in the short-lived series Notorious, but his break out roll came when he played Sylar the serial killer in the popular series Heros.

It’s important to me to be able to exhibit that I can do other things, I want to do comedy and something that will show a completely different facet of my ability.

He did get to show another facet of his talent when he was cast in the coveted role of young Spock in the last Star Trek movie, a role that Leonard Nimoy made famous. It was Leonard who hand picked him for the role. Here’s excerpts from his chat with Noel De Souza.
Did you see any of your childhood references reflected in this role?
Zachary Quinto: There was a lot that I could relate to with this character. Both his origins and his upbringing, his experience and then the way that that defined him in his later life. I think probably the most defining event of my childhood was my father’s death which happened when I was seven and so I understood the resonance of family and I think I understood what it was to be torn between the world of childhood and the world of adulthood and similarly I think Spock really relates in a powerful way to being pulled in two different directions. In his case between Vulcan and human and in my case it was between sort of advanced precociousness and maturity and sort of wanting to live the life of a kid, and in terms of my relationship to theater and performing as a kid, that was something that I had a strong belief in, a strong passion for that wasn’t necessarily echoed by a lot of my peers so choosing to walk a path that was unique to me and specific to me as a child  was something that informed my tenacity as I got older.
Did you have an interest in space?
Zachary Quinto: When I was a kid I really wanted to be an airline pilot. I used to beg my family to take me to the airport so I could watch the planes take off and land and I was actually convinced that that would be my career path but alas I wasn’t so interested in space per se. I was a big STAR WARS kid. I was really into sort of the visceral exploration of those characters and the situations that they were in, but in terms of astronomy or in terms of intergalactic science I was never really interested in them. I was much more interested in making up stories and running around in the woods and building bike jumps and things like that so that is how I focused my energy.

My father is 100% Sicilian and my mother is Irish, Scottish, French, part Cherokee and Black Foot Indian. I’m a mutt. People ask me if I’m Italian, I say I’m American.

You do realize that with this role in STAR TREK, fame and all that comes with it will come your way, are you ready for it?
Zachary Quinto:I do feel ready, yeah. I think if this was happening to me ten years ago I would probably have imploded by now but I think there’s no mistake in our life’s journey how things happen, when things happen and why things happen and for me all of those pieces add up to an experience that I’m more than ready  to face what ever comes. I think it’s an experience that I’ve unwittingly been working toward my whole life, whether or not I knew it is a different story.
In all the other Star Trek movies the characters appear to be Asexual, but in this one STAR TREK BEYON the inter relationships are obvious. Why do ou think that is?
Zachary Quinto: I think that Spock is at a crossroads in this movie in a lot of ways, his relationship with Uhura is breaking up. I think that he is struggling between his commitment to Starfleet and his federation and his desire to be of service in rebuilding the Vulcan race. This movie in a lot of ways fractures the crew and splits them apart in unexpected pairings, and that is a source of a lot of humor and heart and I think that is something that the people will respond to for sure.

There is the word BEYOND in the title of this film, so I was wondering if you have thought about the Universe and what it means to you?
Zachary Quinto: What it means to me personally, well, I would say it begins with what we are familiar with and family is a huge cornerstone of the universe for me, and work, expression, creativity. And then beyond that of which we know there is a realm which we don’t know and which we don’t have assurance about, but we have a lot of indications I think in our daily life and the universe is about interconnectivity beyond this realm I think into a spiritual world and that is something that I feel connected to in my own life and something I am interested in exploring and understanding as deeply as I can within myself and the people that I love.

noel_dsouzaNoel de Souza is a gold card member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Earlier this year, he was nominated for The Excellence In Media award by the publicists guild of America. His love for writing blossomed at an early age. Moving to America he began writing about Hollywood. Besides his journalistic activities, de Souza has worked on both sides od the camera in Hollywood prompting him to be listed as one of the top twenty influential Indians in Hollywood. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is the organizations that  celebrates the best in cinema and television in Hollywood and abroad by honoring them with the Golden Globes, he has been an active part in the production of the show. He is a member of The Television Academy and a blue ribbon panel member. He has written for  around the globe, Amica in Germany, Haaretz in Israel and Magyar in Hungary among many others.

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