I have actually made a huge shift in my career: Will Smith

Talk about charm and super energy and you have to include Will Smith into the equation. His energy is infectious, it almost seems hyper, but it ain’t. He’s the real deal. We meet to talk about his latest release Suicide Squad, in which he plays a bad guy.

How was it playing the bad guy?
Will Smith: It was really fun and interesting and I realised why I have not played bad guys in the past. I couldn’t understand how someone could shoot strangers for money. I couldn’t get my head around that, the director gave me a book to read The Anatomy of Motive, it’s a book about serial killers, and the first line in the book is why did he do it? The author says that the question makes no sense, because human being do things that make them feel better. Nobody thinks of themselves as bad, people do the things that they do because they think that they are right, no matter how evil and how awful it seems to us, so, once I got introduced to that idea it became clear and I understood it as an actor and I had a comprehension of world events, things that are going on in the world today, so as an actor it was a powerful revelation

You were in the news, because you and your wife stated that there isn’t diversity in films?
Will Smith: You know what was most frustrating about that time is that people thought that we were speaking out because I didn’t get nominated. There was a much bigger wave that was happening in the world. We were like no guys, in Hollywood we cannot be a part of the fascist wave that is weeping the world. There is this really separatist non-inclusive xenophobic, racist wave that is sweeping the globe that is making us pull apart farther than pulling us together what we were saying is that Hollywood has to lead the way as to what the future is going to be and we can’t go backwards, we have to reflect inclusiveness.

What was it about you role that made you accept this film?
Will Smith: I have actually made a huge shift in my career and in my choosing of films. I said yes to Suicide Squad when there wasn’t even a script, David Ayer pitched the idea to me, he had done FURY and Training Day I loved both films and wanted to work with him, so I said yes. So I am going with films makers that I like  to

You have been in this business some 30 odd years, so what have you learned about love and time?
Will Smith: I have realised that hit movies will never make you happy, gigantic box office or modity relationships, and who are the people that you dedicate your life to and you give all that time for love. And in finding that, it’s also reinvigorated my artistry, because now when I look at my films, they have to be an act of love. Now I question as to how this is going to improve someone’s life? And as for time it is are only human commodity, so time is the only thing that you have to offer to people. So, the idea of how you spend your time it’s like money, it’s hugely important.

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