I am here to stay, I don’t have a ‘Plan B’

kartikIn his four-year-old career, he has taken things slow. He consciously did not get into the mad rat race. Instead, he did films that appealed to him and carved a niche in rom-coms. Till date, he is recognised for his debut film Pyaar Ka Punchnama (PKP). Meet Kartik Aaryan aka Rajat/Rajjo, who will be seen as Gogo in the sequel of Pyaar Ka Punchnama. Speaking to Desijam.in, Kartik reveals the reason behind completing a biotech degree and more

‘I wasn’t spotted on a social networking site’
I hail from Gwalior and moved to Mumbai to study engineering. I always wanted to be an actor. As a student, I would travel from Belapur to Andheri to learn the nuances of acting. Before Pyaar Ka Punchnama happened I had auditioned for many ads and the likes. It took me three years to bag a debut in Bollywood. I had no godfather and would keep searching for auditions on social networking sites. This is how I stumbled on Pyaar Ka Punchnama auditions. It wasn’t like I was spotted and given a contract. No! I auditioned and the process went on for six months. I was rejected twice before finally getting the contract for Pyaar Ka Punchnama.

‘Rajjo and Gogo are not similar’
I am the youngest actor in the star cast for Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2. I still believe this is just the start of my career. I am too young and too new to the whole concept of the industry. But I am happy my work is being noticed and appreciated. My character in the prequel was a huge hit so sir wanted a recall value in the sequel. I play Gogo a confident, headstrong, ‘I care a damn’ guy as opposed to Rajjo, who was subdued and dominated by everyone. The only similarity is that the both are endearing and lovable. Otherwise, both the characters are poles apart. And yes, there is a monologue in this one too.

‘I believe in method acting’
I am a director’s actor when it comes to films. I do bring in my own inputs sometimes. My listening skill has helped me become a good actor. You have to have this quality to act and then react to your co-star. I believe in method acting. The reason why Pyaar Ka Punchnama did well was because people could relate to the characters. I haven’t met a single guy who did not relate to Rajjo. Being observant helps enhance a character. Writing, characterisation, talent and hard work culminate to make a performance. This is how I work on my films.

‘I am here to stay, I don’t have a plan B’
I come from a middle class family of doctors from Gwalior. It was a big thing for me to bag a lead role in a Bollywood film. I never told my parents that wanted to be an actor. I wanted to have something concrete in hand before revealing. When I revealed the news of bagging PKP, mom was sceptical. She mentioned that films are a gamble and I should complete my education. I did my engineering because of my mom. I am here to stay, I don’t have a plan B. Back home, things have changed. There is a lot of appreciation and positive reception from my hometown, which is a great feeling. But, my parents and friends keep me grounded. Mom still yells at me. Honestly, this is what has helped me stay rooted. One tends to get carried away in the film industry, family and friends give me a reality check.

‘I am open to experimenting’
I was really young when I started out. I had decided to take things slow and do specific films. I wanted the process to be slow and steady. I am happy this decision helped me carve a niche. I am known for my romance and comic now. I have managed to create a niche space. But, now I think it is time for me to experiment. I will do more films. This does not mean you will see me in four films a year!

(Kartik has a few projects in the pipeline, which he will reveal soon. If you have any questions for him please comment below. Keep reading this space for more information about Kartik Aaryan.)

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