Hypertension induced heart diseases are on rise by 8 – 9% among Pune population reveals

A survey conducted by Indus Health Plus indicates that males are at higher risk of CVD’s as compared to females. The ratio of heart diseases among males and females is 7:3. The sample size for the study was 24,381people who underwent the preventive health check-up during January 2014 – August 2015.

High cholesterol and lipid profile amongst male and female between the age group of 40 – 45 years is contributing to the risk of CVD. Frequent chest pains, acidity, breathlessness during exertion are some of common symptoms which are often ignored by people. This may led to severe heart problems if not treated on time.

Amol Naikawadi, Preventive Healthcare Specialist Indus Health Plus says, “The incidence of heart diseases is increasing in Pune affecting both males and females equally. As young as 27 years old has been detected in Pune with heart problem. It has been observed that people often overlook the symptoms for heart diseases and rarely consultant an expert which leads to untimely diagnosis and treatment. Undetected and ignored hypertension led to cardiac diseases in patients with or without family history by 5%. In the wake of the increasing risk of cardiovascular diseases in India, it becomes the duty of every person to go for routine and regular screening.”

The study indicates that 25-30% of working population from BPO/IT is at higher risk of heart diseases. Hypertension induced heart diseases are on rise by 8 – 9% among Pune population. It is a strong factor for rising incidences of heart disease cases between 35 – 45 years age group.

Dr Amit Sinkar, Consultant Cardiologist Indus Health Plus says, “30% of population across age groups are suffering from various heart ailments. Late working hours, stress, overtime and less sleep is associated with sudden heart diseases among working population. To avoid heart ailments and distress ourselves one should indulge in daily 30 – 40 minutes brisk walking, meditation, yoga and music therapy”.

Obesity induced heart diseases are on rise among population by 5 – 7 %. Vitamin B12 deficiency was also high amongst females. With more than 19% of those detected with the deficiency, 12-13% of those from middle age group was also undergoing stress and were under high risk of artery blockage As compared to last year smoking amongst women as has increased by 10 – 15% between 30 – 35 years which leads to heart ailments.

Report indicates that the ratio of heart disease among urban and rural population is 6:4. Abnormality report highlights that not only the numbers of heart disease patients are increasing but the average age of heart patients is also coming down to late 20’s and early 30’s.

The increasing prevalence of diseases like hypertension, dyslipidaemia, diabetes and obesity has led to an increase in the burden of cardiovascular diseases in Pune. Pollution, smoking and high stress level with sedentary lifestyle are contributing factors for heart diseases.

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