How to Start Your Own Business from Scratch by Amit Agarwal

Business_Amit AgrawalOne of the most ancient of all professions is that of entrepreneurship. It’s in our blood. What lies in front of us is both exciting and terrifying. The unknown and the risks are the lifeblood of entrepreneurship, but the rewards can be great. Is this your dream? Does it sound familiar? Do you want to start your business, set your own hours, and be willing to work ridiculously hard for something you are passionate about? It is possible. It can be done. You can do it.

Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine and author of The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster, talks about in his book how entrepreneurship is like a rollercoaster. The ride will start out smooth and slow as you build momentum. Suddenly, you will experience jerks and head-spinning, death-defying movements, only to come back down and possibly build to another upside-down loop. When you get off the rollercoaster you may be dizzy, but you want to do it again. It is the thrill that will keep you on the ride.

The Bottom Line
The truth is that to make entrepreneurship work for you, you must be willing to commit to working hard – ridiculously hard – to get what you want. You must be willing to do the hard things. Study successful entrepreneurs in the past. Those men and women were willing to do the hard things and put in the effort. They reaped the benefit from all the hard work as they became successful.

It will scare you. At times, you may even be terrified. But, if you hang on and press through, you will come out the other side. Dani Johnson, a multimillionaire, speaker and seen on the “The Secret Millionaire” television show, holds monthly sold-out seminars where she teaches people the foundations for success. Johnson teaches that to become successful, one must take the leap.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, then you must do uncomfortable things. You must get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Like Johnson states, 98% of the population will not bother increasing their skill set or getting better – not better than the next guy, but better than themselves. But, you have the courage to do this. How do I know? Simply, because you have read this far. You are proving to yourself that you are indeed hungry for success.

Focus on One Main Thing
Starting your own business from scratch originates with an idea. If you do not already have an idea that is beginning to take root, then start where you are. What are your strengths? What resources do you have available to you right now? What skills are you willing to learn quickly to advance? Do you have a passion?

If you discover the answers to these questions, then you have made the first and most important step toward starting your own business. Working within your passion makes doing the daily tasks easier and it will keep you going when you are tired. If you are passionate about something, stoking the flame all along, then this fire will keep you motivated and give you plenty of reason to keep pursuing entrepreneurship and success.

Thinking Outside of the Box
Not every idea is marketable, just like not every passionate hobby is a good idea to build a business around. There can be a fine line between a hobby and your passion. If an idea is not marketable, it will not sell in the marketplace because your target audience does not need it or want it.

On a personal note, you may absolutely love your hobby of baking pies; however, if you turned it into a business, the fun and novelty of the hobby may wear off. You can always build a business within that industry or niche.

If your hobby is baking pies and you have some background knowledge of the processes and systems of baking pies, you may want to consider starting businesses to manufacture baking ovens or baking pans, packaging ingredients, authoring cookbooks or baking courses, or even designing kitchens. The opportunities are endless.

Testing the Market
Before officially launching your business idea, test it on a small group of people to get their reactions. Is it good to launch? Can you make it better somehow? Offer a survey with purchase (consider offering an incentive to those that complete the survey) and track the data. If the response is unfavorable or it is not selling at the volume you thought it would, see what your customers suggested that you change and implement it. Always keep testing in this circular pattern until your product reaches a great potential. Not every product will gain 100% positive feedback every time, but only you will know what threshold to look for in your product.

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