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It’s November and one of Pune’s most awaited events is here: ABC Farms Cheese Festival. Started over a decade ago, Cheese Festival is an exhibition held by ABC Farms Pvt Ltd in the month of November. The cheese festival was started to create awareness on various types of cheese. The idea is to get people to understand and enjoy cheese.

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This year the Cheese Festival has turned fruity. The organisers experimented with fruits, hence on the cheese board you have Mango, Dragonfruit and Blueberry flavours. Diana Chinoy shares, “Quark, a soft German Cheese is versatile and brings out the flavour with whatever it is paired. We have a Rahm Quark Mustard dip and Quark cheesecake which are must-haves this year. This year we have so much happening. We have cook-offs, demo sessions, activities for kids and of course the blind-fold cheese tasting contest. Every year we have new varieties, this year it is Mango and Dragon fruit.” One can choose from Coffee cheese, Feta cheese, Comte cheese, Masala cheese with curry leaves and Sundried Tomato and Basil cheese etc. Home-made cheesecakes and quiches are on sale too

abc_farms_cheese (2)What to expect?
When you enter the Cheese Festival at ABC farms in Koregaon Park, you will first come across ‘Eco Street’, a section dedicated to organic and eco-friendly products. The stalls here are interesting and innovative. Make sure you stop by at each one of them to see what they offer. The best part of the festival follows after. You are literally lured to the main ground with the aroma of cheese. The main arena has food stalls along the sides that lead you to the cheese table. The right wing has wine and entertainment. Every evening you have a musical treat. Tina Chinoy says, “Every year it just gets bigger and better. On Sunday, November 22, we have an interesting line-up for cheese lovers and kids.”

Where: ABC Farms, Koregaon Park
When: November 20-22, 10am-11pm
Open to all, entry free.

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