Eager to know viewers’ reactions: Gauri Konge

For Gauri Konge, it seems making double entry on screen has become a habit of sort. Having already acquired name for the serious and artistic roles, the young actor is now coming in entirely new look and a new language as well.

As the movies are lined up for release this Friday, she will repeat her earlier feat of appearing in two movies simultaneously – the spicy “Disco Sannya” in Marathi and faithful-to-life “Budhia Singh :Born To Run” in Hindi wherein she will share screen with Manoj Vajpayee.

“Actually the shooting of another Hindi movie of mine had started earlier than ‘Budhia Singh’. Therefore, it was my first Hindi movie. However, as this movie is being released first, you may call it my debut movie for Hindi. I am very happy to be part of this movie in which I have a very small role. However, I am happy to do it because I got the chance work with Manoj Vajpayee, who is an acting school himself. Actually, I signed the movie for him only,” says Gauri Konge.

She is equally enthusiastic  about her Marathi movie as well. “I feel fortunate to play Mallika in Disco Sannya, which gave me an opportunity to appear on screen in a totally new look. I have put up such an appearance for the first time in my cinematic career ever,” she says.

Gauri Konge is thankful to the director of the movie Niyaz Mujawar as she says, “he has been watching me since I started my acting career from theater. He showed faith in me to break my stereotype as I have been portraying the rural girls all along”.

In April, her two movies “Kapus Kondyachi Goshta” and “Ranga Patanga”, both in Marathi, hit the screens at the same date.

Her repertoire include playing roles of Aruna Shanbaug in “Janiva”,   Mariyam in “Tuhya Dharma Koncha”, Seema Parihar in “Prayschit” and Bhanwri Devi in “Bhanwar”. Breaking away from these realistic and artistic, she will be seen in the glamorous role in the movie.

Budhia Singh: Born to Run has already made enough buzz as it has bagged the National Award (Children category).

A week before this, her another movie “Lost & Found” was released where she played the character of Mughdha. “I am eagerly looking forward to know viewers’ reactions about these performances. I hope audience would appreciate my performance in these movies, the way they did for different characters played by me till now,” she says.