Dr Omanandji will help you come out of stress

Stress being the most potential threat of today’s time, is giving rise to anxiety, fear, depression and other psychological imbalances. In view of this, world’s leading Yoga Guru, Dr Omanandji, popularly known as Guruji, is organizing a workshop at Katong Park Towers, Singapore on August 27 to educate the masses about how to keep calm and content and work tirelessly towards achieving one’s goal.

He says, “Everyone wants happiness, peace, and harmony in his life, but the major question that remains unanswered is how to achieve this. We work day and night to keep our life more comfortable, but ultimately gain stress, anxiety, hypertension and other psychological imbalances finally resulting in many physical ailments of modern times, thus spoiling the ultimate goal of life.”

Explaining how a healthy mind and body can achieve miracles, he explained, “We have named these ailments ‘the lifestyle diseases’. These physical and psychological ailments never let us work in our full potential. If we are able to nip these sicknesses in the bud, before they surround us with their deadly pangs, we’ll be able to add an extra bit in our efforts and produce extraordinary results.”

Dr Omanandji says that in today’s context, meditation is the best medication because it helps us come out of our mental and psychological pressures, which may give rise to other problems. But understanding ‘what meditation is’, is the most important first step of our journey. The goal of meditation is not to control your thoughts, but to not let your thoughts control you. This workshop aims to help people come out of their barriers and make them aware of their true potential through right techniques of meditation.

Dr Omanandji is a scholar, who has studied and realized various ancient Yoga Scriptures. He was awarded Doctorate of Yoga and Meditation from the Hindu University of America, USA. He has written 29 books and published many articles. He has served as the president of Hindu University of America, FL. USA. He is an inspirer of the proposed Paramanand Yoga University. Dr Omanandji travels worldwide to benefit the millions from his blessings.

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