Double tree by Hilton Launches Level 12

DOUBLE TREE In a lovely ambience that transports you from the hustle and bustle of a modern city to the City’s most chic and stylish area is Level 12 by Double Tree by Hilton. The Roof- top Resto Lounge presents a beautiful panoramic view of the city making it a favorite among those who love to sit under a moonlit sky. This high-energy Resto lounge at Double Tree by Hilton is kept abuzz by the talented in-house DJ who plays upbeat jazz, funk, house, club and a unique twist on classic hits. The restaurant also conducts theme nights such as Sufi Era in the middle of the week and commercial nights on weekends.

The restaurant also conducts theme nights such as Sufi Era in the middle of the week and commercial nights on weekends which blend music in a supreme culinary experience.

Greeting you with soft lounge music and occasional jazz riff, the main bar area features cozy tables for two to four and pool-style bed seating that lends itself to a more informal outing. The bar seats and round tables make for a perfect area for conversations with the elegant community table near the DJ console creating a sumptuous atmosphere.

DOUBLE TREEThe skilled Mixologist at Double Tree by Hilton engages visitors with unique mixes, blends, shakes and stirs by muddling the best ingredients into veritable works of drinkable art. From unique cocktails like Vanilla Sky to The Hulk, to mesmerizing mocktails such as magical mojitos and mystical margaritas to infused vodkas and an array of international beers to elegant scotch- whiskey, get ready to sip on your favorite beverage and soak into an opulent reverie at the pool side bar at Level 12, Double Tree by Hilton. The bar also hosts an extensive cigar menu to match your wide selection of Single Malts. Level 12 at Double Tree by Hilton is a unique amalgamation of delicious food, excellent music and exquisite ambience. The restaurant takes the food quotient of the PCMC area a notch higher and endeavors to offer an extravagant experience to its patrons like never.

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