Culinary road trip on NH1 with Copper Chimney

copper chimney dabbewala jalandari meatCarrying forward the spirit of north Indian delicacies, Copper Chimney introduces The Food Highway NH1 Festival – the absolute culinary treat from Delhi to Amritsar. Celebrate the taste of rich flavors, exuberant aroma and magical tadka of the colorful land of Punjab. A delectable array of beverages, main courses and desserts are sure to make you have a larger than life experience just like Punjabis do.

This new festival picks the best of dishes from Delhi to Amritsar by adding some authentic recipes from Dhabas of Punjab, Copper Chimney presents an exquisite array of menu both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Vegetarians can delight their taste buds with Delhi’s hand cart special ”  heleywaley
Chole Paneer & Aloo Naan”, the delicious legendary “Langarwali Dal”, lucky Dhaba’s star ” Shahi Paneer”, etc. Anardhana Pudhina Paratha, Lechchedar Ajwani  Paratha layered with dollop  of white butter, make up for unusual mesmerizers  on the list. Non vegetarians  can opt for delicately crafted dishes like Masaledar ” Achari Mirchonwallley Jhinge”, Dhabewala  ” Jalandari  Meat”, Chicken Tariwalla, etc. Dessert lovers can try their unusual Iced Butter Milk ‘Matha’, Chilled Kesar Lassi and Kesar Badam Phirni.

The food highway NH1 redefines the exotic flavors of local Punjabi food, every dish boasts of some famous
dhabas  that have been serving  passerby, truckers and travelers alike. Head to the Highway Food Festival at Copper Chimney, and stop by for a good hearty meal. It’s perfect upscale casual dining destination to palate and sample all things North Indian.

Where : Copper Chimney

When : Ongoing till 15 August, 2016
Worli: 24925353 | Lower Parel: 66568566 | Kala Ghoda: 22022444 Goregaon: 67105966 | Thane: 61701560 Mumbai | Pune | Bangalore | Chennai | Chandigarh

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