Baal veer: India’s youngest superhero

You play a superhero on your show Baal veer. How does it feel to know that kids look up to you?
Baal veer: I love playing the role of a super hero character like Baal Veer, it’s really a lot of fun and especially when children watch me and learn good things from me I feel really great.

How difficult is it playing a superhero onscreen? Does it get difficult to shoot with the heavy costumes?
Baal veer: It’s a little difficult to play the character of a superhero especially when it comes to shooting in chroma where we have to act and react as per our imaginations and secondly even shooting with the costumes gets a little tough sometimes but we manage it because without the costume you don’t feel like a superhero. But when we go and watch it on TV it feels so different and great, so the experience and learning while making the show is amazing

Who is your superhero in real life? And why?
Baal veer: In real life my superhero is my father because he is an all-rounder he manages his business and makes time for me whenever he can and makes sure he comes down to take me out for movies and give us family time so I really look up to him for this

One crazy fan moment that you can remember?
Baal veer: All my fan moments have been crazy and I really appreciate them for the love they bestow on me. If you ask me to mention one fan moment the time I spent in Indonesia with my fans was a memorable one because having viewers abroad for your show is a huge compliment for us and I was really amazed with the response our show received there.

How do you manage your studies along with the shoots?
Baal veer: I manage my work and studies all thanks to my mother, my sp, my school authorities, my teachers, my show team and as well as my father. Without them it would have been really difficult to handle so many tasks. But all thanks to them I don’t have much issues managing my work and studies

How are you planning to spend your summer vacations this year?
Baal veer: This year as it is the summer vacations me and my family planned on travelling to a cold place so we went to Manali and Shimla to get away from the heat. And now I am back to shooting and really excited about it as I have a new superhero attire because of which I have more superpowers and it’s really fun and exciting

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