Art corner: Raosaheb Gurav

Art exhibition by Raosaheb GuravArt exhibition by Raosaheb Gurav

We the Artists India invites Puneites to experience a journey called Sumbaran. An art exhibition by renowned artiste Raosaheb Gurav

This week, Pune will witness ‘Sumbaran’ by senior and internationally acclaimed artiste Raosaheb Gurav. Former principle of Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalay Pune, Raosaheb Gurav carved a niche for himself and achieved a distinct identity in the field of art. He has overwhelming mastery in water-colour, acrylic and oil paintings with complex colour combinations and well-integrated compositions. His landscape paintings depict true melodies of nature and are appreciated across the world. His paintings are exhibited in all the prestigious galleries at national and International level. He has received many prestigious awards like ‘Maharashtra State Award for Best Artist and Art Teacher’ in the year 2001.

He has over seven solo exhibits at the Jahangir Art Gallery. He is also a founder-director of ‘Sumbran Art Foundation’ an organisation that helps upcoming artistes especially from rural areas, in association with “We the Artists India”- a new wave for empowering and promoting art and artists. It is a meaningful platform for artists to explore their talent and enhance their creativity.  Art exhibition by Raosaheb Gurav at Darpan Art Gallery

Gurav will unfold his latest pictorial journey titled Dhangar at Darpan Art Gallery this week. The essence of this exhibition lies in the word ‘Dhangar. “Dhangar”, a man of wisdom in our Indian tradition, women often call their husband “dhani”, which means a rich or a prosperous man who has everything to fulfill his family’s dreams. He says, “The word “Dhani” comes from the concept of “Dhangar”, who is known to be the person of all richness. ‘Dhangar’ by wealth and by health are really strong. People in rural even today go on farms and shore of village to see them every morning, for it is believed once you see a Shepard/Dhangar in the morning it will bring prosperity. During their daily work in field, taking all cattle out for grazing, they travel a very long distance, sometimes from one village to another in search of fresh pasture. Dhangar is also called as “Watadya” a navigator who guides the passerby. During their long walk they worship God by chanting and singing old prayers and poems.”

Experience this pictorial journey of “Sumbran” by internationally acclaimed artiste Raosaheb Gurav as he unfolds the journey of “Dhangar”, in his series of paintings “Sumbran”.

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