About Us

The idea of Desijam.in came to us a few months ago. We, initially, wanted to have a medium that would cover anything and everything. Over the months, we realised that wasn’t practically possible. So, we decided to streamline our content and focus on a few topics.

We zeroed down on entertainment (we all love Bollywood), fashion (maybe, it will help our team dress better), food (our founder is a Shetty!), entrepreneurs and business (Promoting ‘Make in India’) and health (it doesn’t harm to know more).

Desijam.in is not your portal for Indian jams. No! JAM comes from (j)ust (a)nother (m)agazine and desi, well we don’t know :p
We are not here to preach or tell you what to do or what not to do. We are here to share what we know. Our team is a mix of reputed senior journalists (We paid our content writer to mention this!).

We have been associated with the big names of print media. After several years of literally giving our blood and sweat to companies we decided to venture out and start something on our own.

We will be soon printing our magazine under Viha Media. Viha is a media institute based in Ravet, Pune which will soon be launching a magazine titled Desijam. Visit vihamedia.org to know more.

We hope to entertain, educate and inform you at our best. So, start on, explore this platform. Feel free to suggest. Be gentle with your comments (we repeat, our founder is a Shetty).

Happy reading!